Improving Immunity

Improve your Immune System...

Are you prone to catching colds and/or coughs on a regular basis?

Do you have digestive problems that just won’t go away?

Do you feel tired a lot of the time, to the point of not really feeling like participating in life?

All these could be indications that your immune system has been compromised through too many toxins in your body. If your energy levels are low and you know your general health should be better, My Naturopath can help boost your energy & immunity naturally.
There are a number of immune system support products that improve energy naturally, and gently cleanse the colon and other organs in the body. While the best form of these is in dark green, leafy organic vegetables, there are also herbal supplements containing chlorophyll and other antioxidants to help strengthen the immune system.

4 simple & proven immune system boosters


are natural compounds that protect the cell walls from damage which can cause an imbalance or breakdown of the immune system. This in turn will result in accelerated aging, overall decreased health, and an increase in infections. Increasing your intake of antioxidants on a daily basis will go a long way to boosting your immunity, and improving your overall health.


are vital to your diet. And the darker and greener the vegetable, the better they are for you because they contain the highest levels of chlorophyll. However, as with all things, greens ain’t greens (to borrow from that classic if annoying oil ad years ago). While eating green, leafy vegetables can help normalize immune response naturally, and aid in removing mercury from the body, the conditions under which they were grown can play a part in how well they work. Poor soil and rain conditions can contribute to the freshness and vitality contained in these foods. Fortunately, natural supplements to improve immune systems are available to take in addition to organic greens.


seed is a great supplement as it enriches the blood and contains the good kind of fatty acids. (Most people shy away from anything that contains the word 'fatty', but certain fats are essential for your body’s health.) You can take flax seed included in supplements, take it directly as flax seed oil, or buy flax seeds and sprinkle a little on your cereal or yogurt every morning, or even use when baking.

Kelp, Spirulina and other water greens

are another wonderful source of antioxidant. These green supplements contain many of the super natural nutrients and antioxidants that help restore your natural energy and boost the immune system.